Didn't give an update for a while because we had another brief slowdown. Moving forward again, though. The stucco on the outside walls is done. Had a tricky time selecting the color, but all we wanted to do was match the existing walls, and it seems to do that pretty well.

The bathroom has a shower pan. The drywall guys are about done with the inside walls. That wasn't as dusty as I thought it might be. Now we're putting central heating in, which is great, but requires work to be done throughout the house, so it's definitely more of an inconvenience. We'll be glad to have it, though; our existing heater was probably the original one in the house, and so would be about 50 years old. It didn't heat evenly at all.

Tile for the bathroom is ordered. Primer paint is going on now. The floor should be installed by this time next week. Coming right along! The photo timeline has more pics.