This weekend I went to my 10th Reunion at Occidental College.

I had a really good time. I was definitely anxious about going. While I invariably end up enjoying these kinds of things, part of me always gets nervous beforehand. Will there be people I should remember, but don't? (Yes, there were a couple.) Will there be awkward moments of conversation? (Yes, one or two, but that happens to everyone, so not to worry.)

I think it's nice that sometimes you can get together with people, and, even though time has passed since you were a regular part of each other's lives, soon you're chatting just as you used to, easily and comfortably. I recommend it, when you have the chance.

Dana couldn't make it, as it was her sister's birthday (Happy Birthday, L!). Too bad they conflicted, but there will be a next time.

(And for the record, at no time did anyone try to make it through "Io Triumphe", which is probably for the best.)