Yesterday cement was poured, and today the form was taken away. There is a foundation where the new room is going to be (and even under the current house where the new room will join the house). Alejandro, one of the guys who's been here working every day, even said today "Now it looks more like it's going to be a house."

Now they're digging out a lot of the dirt that's inside the footer (which, by they way, is apparently the correct word for it). Then, shortly, they'll begin framing the new walls and roof.

I'm pretty impressed with the fact that they've done this much, and will do more, without having to remove more of the existing house. They've knocked into a couple of outside walls, and drilled down through the floor of the dining room, but that's it. They had to work in the crawl space under the dining room, digging the trench and pouring that cement, to get this far. I'm grateful; it's nice that we don't have to be that exposed to the outdoors, at least not yet.

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