Back in January, I posted a brief summary of all the iPhone apps in my iTunes library on on my iPhone. At the time, I had exactly 100 apps in iTunes, meaning I had downloaded 100 apps from the App Store. I recently crossed the 200 mark for downloaded apps, so I thought it might be time for another look at how those numbers break out.

Here's are the numbers from January and from today.

 January 2009  August 2009
Default Apps Pre-Loaded on iPhone1921
Apps Downloaded100202
      For Jessica's Amusement1929
Icons Currently on my iPhone92116
      Icons that are Web Shortcuts1010
Seasonal (Halloween, Xmas, etc.)55

Again, 21 pre-loaded apps and 10 web shortcuts still leaves 85 apps on my iPhone that I downloaded from the App Store. That's around 42% of the apps I've downloaded, which means nearly 60% of those are currently unused. Of the unused apps, many I probably shouldn't have downloaded, but others were at least useful at some point: some games were fun but are played through, there are a couple of apps I downloaded to help track of contractions when Ben was about to be born, a handful are seasonal or holiday apps that might get loaded on the phone again when the time is right. Still, I think it's fair to say that downloading apps can be something of a hit or miss. Sure is fun, though.

Still waiting for an improved way to manage all these apps in iTunes and on the iPhone. The easy search that came with iPhone 3.0 software update is a great step in the right direction, but there's still a need for some easier way to customize and organize.