Apple recently announced that the 500 millionth iPhone App has been downloaded from the App Store (where they claim there are 15,000 apps available). I checked my downloaded app count, and found that it is exactly 100. This seems like a good moment to stop and take a look at some stats of my apps.

Default Apps Pre-Loaded on iPhone19
Apps Downloaded100
      For Jessica's Amusement19
Icons Currently on my iPhone92
      Icons that are Web Shortcuts10
Seasonal (Halloween, Xmas, etc.)5

One quick interesting calculation:

Downloaded Apps on my iPhone = (Icons on my iPhone) - (Icons that are Web Shortcuts) - (Default Apps Pre-Loaded on iPhone)
Downloaded Apps on my iPhone = 92 - 10 - 19 = 63

So of the 100 Apps I've downloaded, 37% of them are now sitting unused in my iTunes Library.

I'd go into what I've paid for downloaded apps, but I'm not exactly sure how to get that info (and, let's face it, I probably don't really want to know). The vast majority of the apps I've downloaded were free or $0.99, but certainly some were more. I've got no problem with developers pricing an app for more than $0.99 (many are well worth it), but it's just a fact that I'm more likely to take a chance on an unknown app if I only stand to lose a dollar.

Final note: In a future software update, I'd welcome an improved way to manage the 92 icons on my phone. I've got a rough system I implement manually, but there's definitely room for improvement here.