I'll start with the bottom line: my name is kenzinn, and I am on Twitter.

If you are already on Twitter, please feel free to follow me. I'm not terribly prolific or consistent, but I'm getting more comfortable with the idea of what might make a good tweet (tweet = a post on twitter).

If you aren't on Twitter, and perhaps aren't sure what Twitter is, let me try my own feeble explanation. Twitter is like a mini-blog service, where each entry is limited to 140 characters. If you sign up for a free Twitter account, you can select to "Follow" any other Twitter users, and your Twitter home screen will list all updates, or "tweets" from people you are following.

If you aren't really interested in anything like Twitter, I don't really blame you. I'm not quite sold on it yet as anything that will change my life, but it's huge in some tech circles.

Anyway, you can also see my most recent Twitter updates in a new section I've added on the right hand side bar of this blog.

For what it's worth, there will be probably be some things I say on Twitter that I also post here. So if you follow both, forgive the repetition. If the repetition bugs you, let me know. Anyone following both deserves to have their voice heard.