This weekend I took the TV that sits in my office and hauled it to the hazardous waste drop-off in El Segundo.

This small TV set has been in "my room", wherever that has been, for something like 18 years, give or take a year: I can't seem to remember exactly when I first got it, and there was a period of 9 months or so during my freshman year at Occidental where the TV was still in my room in Colorado. Still, we've been through a lot together. Good times, good times.

Why did I decide to get rid of it? I've been on a kick lately (albeit a sporadic one) to purge my space of stuff. I realized that in the past year or two that TV has seen maybe an hour or two of use. It was classic CRT, and took up a big chunk of space on top of my dresser. The remote hadn't worked for years. What I realized is that I could get rid of the TV (for which I would probably need a converter to use next year anyway) and get better use out of that space. If I do decide that I miss having a TV in the office, then I can either use an alternative on my computer and the Internet, or I can get a new TV. If I'm not picky about high-end stuff, I could get a small LCD TV for not too much money, and it would take up less room than the old one did.

So one of the landmarks of my personal space for the past decades is no more. It's a good thing. Besides, I still have this blue desk lamp that's been in "my room" for about 26 years.