In the original post about this story, I don't believe I mentioned the name of the airline on which we were flying. That was intentional; we weren't too happy with them at the time, but the truth is most of the trouble wasn't due to any negligence on their part. The customer service handling the canceled flight could have been better, to be sure, but it's ultimately better to not fly in a plane that might be having mechanical issues than to go ahead and fly just to avoid any inconveniences.

This week Dana and I each received an envelope from the airline. The envelope contained a cover letter apologizing for the canceled flight, and a travel voucher for $200 toward a future flight. That seemed to us like a nice gesture. I appreciate the pro-active nature of it. I didn't have to hunt down someone and request a voucher; they sought us out.

I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but one thing puzzles me: they sent vouchers to Dana and I, but not to Jessica. I'm sure somewhere along the way it was recorded that Jessica is a small child, and someone decided that small children didn't need an apology letter and a voucher. Fine. But still, we did pay for 3 seats on the canceled flight. Shouldn't we get a voucher for each paid seat?