Disney is currently celebrating a "Year of a Million Dreams" at the Disney parks. I recently found out that they're holding a "Dream Job" contest (sponsored by Careerbuilder.com). The winners will get to go to Disneyland to experience one of the following jobs: Jungle Cruise Skipper, Parade Performer, Pirate, Princess-in-waiting, Haunted Mansion butler/maid.

By the time I learned of the contest, there wasn't much time before submissions were due. Entering the contest required submitting a short video (45 seconds). I liked the idea of the jungle cruise, so I thought of a couple jokes, found a hat, and made a quick video.

Long story short, I'm one of 20 finalists for the jungle cruise job. I'm including my video below, but if you have a moment, I'd appreciate it if you'd vote for my video in the contest.

Here's the the page where you can vote for my video (click "This one gets my Vote!"):

Here's the the contest page, so you can see all the videos you'd like.

Seemed like something kind of fun. If you do vote, I thank you.