Thought I'd post an update, since it's been over a week. The reason I haven't posted anything in the last week or so is because nothing really post-worthy has happened with the addition this week. (You could certainly make an argument here over the assumption that anything I have posted about was "post-worthy", but I'll just continue as if we're agreed.)

After an eventful week the week before, last week was much slower. A few small things definitely taken care of, but overall, very little. I haven't gotten too many pics for the photo timeline, partially because we've been away in the early evening, which is when I typically try to take pics of the new room, an partially because the changes are small enough that they may not be noticeable in pics, anyway.

We're waiting primarily for a track for a sliding door. Once that's in, the room will be 'water-tight'. (I use quotes because I don't think it will literally be water-tight, but I may be wrong.) Then it'll be time for insulation and drywall.

In some of the pics you may notice the temporary low fence dividing the construction part of our back yard from the rest. This was established early on, and has been very helpful. It allows us part of the yard to let the dogs out in, even unattended. They miss the extra room, I'm sure, but they've gotten used to it. Sierra, recently, has taken to sneaking across this boundary. She's a troublemaker.