That's right. You may remember I wrote about the Google puzzle contest tie-in with the Da Vinci Code movie. Well, I'm a finalist. Me and a scant 9,999 others.

I was fairly optimistic that I could make it to be a finalist. I think I'm probably faster than some when it comes to many kinds of puzzles, and I guessed that from the pool of people out there who would bother solving 24 heavily movie and Google promoting puzzles to enter a long shot contest (you see what I'm getting at; I don't think we're talking millions of contestants, here), I stood a good shot of being one of the first 10,000 to finish.

Now, however, the pond is smaller and the average fish size has gone up. Only one will win. I don't know what to expect of the puzzles, but I'm thinking it'll come down to some luck: either I'll solve the final puzzles quickly, or I won't. Fastest out of 10,000 puzzle solvers? Only if I'm lucky.

I've had fun playing, though. Can't argue with that.