Started my Sunday morning by watching this video. (Found via O'Reilly Radar.)

Wow. Watch the video; it's only a couple minutes long. Chris Bliss makes this remarkable juggling routine look so effortless and fun. As Tim O'Reilly said in his post, it's a reminder of what humans are capable of.

UPDATE: I'm reading more and learning that apparently this video has provoked angry responses from people who say they "know juggling." I don't claim to be up to date on the current top jugglers. Here's a video of a guy doing a routine to the same music (the exact same audio, actually, with applause), but with 5 balls instead of 3. He's demonstrating that the first video doesn't really display technically difficult juggling, and in fact he's making fun of the "muppet seizure" movements.

I enjoyed this second demo as well, and I can't argue that this probably demonstrates greater technical skill, but the Chris Bliss video is sufficiently beyond my ability to deserve respect, and to me the expressiveness in his face and body add a great deal to the performance. Maybe I'm an easy audience, I don't know.