My good friend (and former roommate of 9 years) Jim Cashman just got a writing credit on last week's Saturday Night Live!

Here's the background. Jim is a member of the Groundlings sketch and improv comedy group in LA. A number of Groundlings have gone on to be SNL cast members, including, quite recently, Kristen Wiig. One of the sketches she and Jim wrote together at the Groundlings was on SNL last week, when Alec Baldwin was the host.

This is third hand info by now, but apparently Alec was a big fan of the sketch from the table read through rehearsals. It made it into the live show, and in the first half, which is usually where the better material goes.

The sketch is called "Morning Drive", and you can view it, as performed by Alec Baldwin and Kristen Wiig, on Jim's web site.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with permissions to re-distribute the two pieces of music that appear in the scene. This means that the sketch is missing from the digital version of the show you can download from iTunes. Ah, well. Thanks to Jim for recording it and getting it online.

Congrats to Jim. It's pretty wild, and I'm sure a sign of more success to come.