Let's see. The day we hiked in Zion, we enjoyed a beautiful drive to Bryce Canyon, where we stayed the night. The drive on Saturday was especially amazing. Drove through Grand Staircase - Escelante National Monument and beyond. Eventually made it to Moab, and stayed at a BEAUTIFUL little place right on the Colorado River, about 14 miles up a big red canyon (right next to Arches National Park).


Sunday had us drive the rest of the way into Colorado. Stopped at a little Anasazi museum near Delores, CO, for the short hike up a hill to some ruins. Sierra and Kudos were hot, again. It was somewhere on this hike that Kudos looked up and said "Mom, Dad, what exactly is supposed to be fun about going to all the hottest places on earth?" (It hasn't actually been all that hot, but compared to anything he's experienced in his 6 1/2 month life, these last few days are way up there.) Then Dana put a toy in his mouth and he happily carried it the rest of the way, completely forgetting his question.

Tonight is our second night in Durango, CO. We hiked a ways along the Animas River today; it winds through Durango. It's very nice here; a not-too-small little Colorado town. Tomorrow we head north, through Silverton to Montrose, then we'll head east and north to Breckenridge by Thursday night. As I write this, Sierra is sleeping and Kudos is panting while on his way to sleep. And all is well.